Elton John’s annual Academy Awards Viewing Party


I got the amazing opportunity to attend Elton Johns Annual Oscar party amongst some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood… Lady Gaga, The Kardashians, Vannessa Hudgens, Chace Crawford, Colton Haynes, Donnatella Versace, Ed Sheeran, okay the list goes on but you get the point. Oh wait, did I mention Elton John himself, yeah he was there too. I don't know how I'm ever going to go to another party again after attending this, it was out of this world. Dreams come true kiddos. 


I went for a very fresh faced off the runway look with my makeup. I love glowly skin and love feeling naturally beautiful. So I just played up my features a lot and added some shimmer and shine! 


Rent The Runway was kind enough to lend me this timeless Calvin Klein Collection dress. After my outfits for the AMA's and Grammy's I wanted to do something simple and elegant. I love all black and I paired the dress with simple silver accessories and a messy bun. 




  1. You look beautiful, I love the dress! Its amazing you got to go, Thanks for sharing it with us!



  2. You looked amazing, seriously so nice that you went for a very under stated look! Must be so incredible going to these sorts of things, your hard work paying off! :)

  3. You look gorgeous!!!!!



  4. Gorgeous… that black dress mixed with the very subtle look was brilliant!

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  6. You are looking gorgeous dear, loved your dress !

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