Saturday With No Agenda

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Everyday I wake up and see the sun shining through my window. The beautiful California sun makes it so damn hard to just lie in bed all day long. It is a rare occassion that I don't have work so I figured I'd just lay around, but that never seems to happen. I finally got my sleepy self out of bed and decided to go get some coffee or food or something. I kind of wanted Joan's on 3rd but knew it would be crowded and annoying. So I thought, I want a backpack maybe I can find that one I like at Kitson's. Kitson's always feels really intimidating because I feel like every fancy LA person is watching and judging you. I didn't even see what I wanted so I just left. But I did go in so kudos for not caring what anyone thinks. I decided to just keep driving down Melrose because I saw Urban Outfitters and thought maybe I could try there for a backpack. I found street parking and right across from me was a shop that said VINTAGE TEE SHIRT SALE 75% OFF. Well then. I made myself walk on in and look around. My mind kind of kept saying, okay let's leave now. But my body kept searching through the racks.Right before I was about to quit I found a sick 80's Harvard shirt that gave me hope that I could find even more! Next, I found a sick Pink Floyd. I knew I wanted more band tees that no one has so once I found that it was a done deal. I got the two tee's and was instantly really happy. Walking in the sun towards Urban I saw Starbucks and knew I'd make a stop at both. Right as I was walking into Urban the God's were calling me across the street with a store thats sign read BAND TEES. Oh okay. I quickly bolted across the street and saw the most magical wall of band tees I could've ever stumbled upon. What a pleasant surprise and awesome little find, *pats myself on the back*. The man working there was very nice and I usually HATE talking to customer service people. It honestly prevents me from going in a lot of stores because I know they are going to follow me around and talk to me (can you not). But there were sooo many shirts and I was so stoked I didn't even care that there were hardcore rocker people in the shop throwing me shade. Haters back off, I like band tee shirts that I maybe don't really listen to? Get over it. I got the two perfect shirts I wanted, Rolling Stones and Nirvana. (I actually really love listening to Nirvana). I then walked across the street to Urban which after my tee shirt finds was a let down. I didn't want the reproduced hipster shirts that everyone else was buying, I got my own cool ones (score). So I walked across to Starbucks (it was a huge, nice Starbucks by the way). I ordered: a Venti Iced Soy Chai Tea Latte, Ham and Swiss sandwich, and a new oat bar pastry thing that I convinced myself I NEEDED to try. And instead of just hoping back in my car and heading home I decided to sit outside because who really cares if you're the loner at Starbucks? It was so nice outside I couldn't help it! After sitting in the sun eating for a bit I hoped back in the car but knew I wasn't ready to go home and miss out on this sunshine. I didn't want to really shop because well, money, but I wanted to enjoy the beautiful day. I drove around all of my favorite parts of Los Angeles for about an hour an a half. The entire time I had a smile on my face. Just admiring the weather, my favorite shops along with the new little shops I took note of, and my favorite music blasting through the speakers. Seriously just letting it soak in that this is where I live, and this is where I've always wanted to be, and now I am here, this is my life. How? No need to think that hard today, just enjoy it kid. A simple day full of such joy. 



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Seriously don't smoke kids and adults that may act like kids, it's not cool, I just thought this picture was for a second…BUT IT'S NOT!

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Oh and pugs not drugs, duh.

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Oh, this morning one of my best friends texted me some pictures from Paris, she locked our names on that wall, that's epic 

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Most Admired From Afar

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Well this was my original plan for today…. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 5.26.55 PM

But then this happened. Just me and the open road. 

Seriously take advantage of the days LA doesn't have THE WORST TRAFFIC IN THE WORLD



  1. i'm so happy you're reading that book! the power of now changed my life… anyways, loved this blog post!

  2. Seriously Lauren, you inspired me so bad! Thank you so much for being the greatest peach you can be! 



  3. Amazing peice, loved the simple yet emotive message at the end. So inspirational! 

  4. Its days like those that make me the happiest, I hope it did for you too! It's great seeing you reach towards and acheive your goals! Best of luck to your future. :-)

    - Kristen

  5. Hey I'm Arielle I love your blog I'm only thirteen and fashion is the only thing I can actually express my self my whole life I was really happy because I dreamed big with fashion them sixth grade came aka hell I lost my bestfriend had no friends and was a loner trying to fit I. The whole year that's really unlike me to be depressed. This year I got a group of friends and am extremely happy but I still don't quite feel accepted 

  6. Wow, I loved Reading this story! I love the way you write. It inspired me to do this soon too. Have a day planned with nothing. Thanks!!! Love your blog and video's! X

  7. So proud of you Lauren and how far you have come. I've been watching you from the start and the transition you have made is amazing girl. I love your new found attitude and acceptance of yourself. Keep up the amazing work with everything! xx

  8. Lauren, i normally dont take the time to write these things, but i had to this time!!! I am going to move to L.A. as soon as i get out of my parents house and into college! I have done sooooo much research on it and its atmosphere, but nothing compared to what you just explained to me here. Lo, i could literally picture you walking through the streets of L.A. (probably with your hair in a messy-grungy bun or some leather article of clothing on you– Love that!!) just from reading your entry. You inspire me everyday and, please, keep blogging. BTW, if that was a triangle bikini, then i have the same one in white. You should get it too, bc im black and it looks AMAYZINGGGG on tanned skin. And that palm tree picture… um… "Clueless" much, LOL. 

  9. Hey Lauren, I really enjoy your writing. It feels like your just writing down a conversation or something. I liked this post and hopefully you will do more! :) PS: so happy for you that you have done so much and come so far.

  10. hey lauren :) i really enjoy your blog and this post in particular. i was wondering if you could do a video or a post on ordering from triangl. i really want to order a bathing suit for the summer from them but i have no idea what size to buy. anyway just a thought. 

    keep being awesome!

  11. I honestly love you, you slay way too hard…


  12. Reading this definitely made me smile :) It made me realize how much I would love to move to California.

  13. Lauren you inspire me so much!!!

    you inspire me to be myself

    I love this blog post!

    you are the best youtuber in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you make me smile

  14. Marguerite says:

    hey lauren,

    your taste in fashion is absolutely incredible. Black started growing on me and im in love. In your pics i see you wear a black lace bralette, where did you get it because im dying to know! I cant find it anywhere! you are one of my favorite youtubers and your laugh is adorable. Ahhhh i know i dont know you personallyh but i love you already. I have been having depression lateley but ive found the positive in everything and now im a happy person. Keep on being yourself because im always going to love it

    love, marguerite j. hagmaier

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