The Brightness Of The Sun Will Give Me Just Enough

photo 1I haven't been this sick since VidCon which was right after my sinus surgery (no, I didn't get a nose job). Considering I am now sick after traveling and attending Playlist Live I think these YouTube convetions are laced with some kind of germ that hits my system everytime. I wouldn't mind being sick if I was still in high school and nothing really mattered. However, when you're an adult (for lack of a better term) the only person your sickness hurts is yourself. I have no voice therefore cannot work since I talk to a camera for a living. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to stay in bed all day, but I'd definitely rather be doing something productive. I think this is the first time since I moved to LA that I've actually stayed inside and done nothing all day long. Here are some pictures of things prettier than I am while I've been sick.

I've only been eating food from Whole Foods because organic?? health?? I honestly don't know. But it makes me feel better about being a couch potatoe. I also spent a solid fun night in the ER! Nothing too dramatic, I just don't have a doctor out in LA. I've also been glued to my Frozen Peaz because I have fibromyalgia and am always in constant pain. It's the only thing that makes my body comfortable. And of course I've been doing a lot of Tumblr scrolling, Hulu watching, and Spotify listening. 


Now Playling:


This is how I began my travels, healthy and ready to party (work)

fsaI was on a total of 5 planes in four days 


Aaanddd I started crashing….


Aaaannd started dying… (please, no gang signs)


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

 The first meal I have prepared myself in a while, I'm never home long enough to cook for myself 

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I tried both of these for the first time from Whole Foods, PRAISE 



  1. At least you still look good while being sick. I just always end up looking like I got hit by a truck on 405

  2. jillian bode says:

    looooove love your blog/posts

  3. i hope you get better lauren!! i just got off a bad cold myself. ily

  4. Lauren! Can you please check your facebook messagers or send me an email? I have something really important i want you to know! Hope you're getting better soon! Love, me

  5. Aw hope you feel better soon! Really sucks when you have to stay in and rest when you actually want to be doing something :/

  6. Sarah Roberts says:

    Ah Lauren!! Feel better chica!!! I'm with you with the whole sinus bug, it sucks. Your new playlist is my jam though!!! xx

  7. The photos you took are so pretty! And get well soon Lauren x

  8. Lauren, I've been watching your videos for almost two years ago. You inspire me in everything. Today I opened my own blog because I want to start doing things that I love because I don't want to regret it. It would be awesome of you if you tweet the link of my blog of if you recomend it on a youtube video or if you put the link in the info box of any of your videos. I want to make it big. I want people from a lot of places of the world watching my blog. I know that you dont have to do it, that you have better things to do. But I would be so thankful if you do it. Pleas Lauren!!


    Love you, LOVE YOU A LOT

  9. I hope you are better now! and even though you were sick you looked beautiful in those pictures! and I am very jealous of that food that you have there. I do not have a Whole Foods close to me so never am I getting that delicious stuff.

  10. Hey Lauren!

    I love your videos and they have inspired me to start my own youtube channel. You are super funny and promote such a good message for young girls that reminds each and every one of them to be themselves and follow their dreams. Thanks for being such a good role model! 


    - Malaina 

  11. I used your video "Staying true to yourself" in my newest blogpost!

  12. Hi Lauren! I just wanted to say that your "How To Make Yourself Happy" video keeps me going now that I've watched it. Whenever something affects me negatively I think about everything you say and I've always stayed happy. I feel like you should be recognized for how inspirational you are because I feel like you also gave me a new perspective on life and I really love you for that. Thank you for posting that video because without it I feel like I'd be in a shitty mood right now but I'm still happy and loving life. You don't understand how much I look up to you so thank you very much for just existing. I love you and I hope you continue to succeed in all you do. Have a day that's as beautiful as yourself! :)

  13. lauren! am a fan of yours not one of the silly screaming girls i just admire your positivity and especially from all the things you've been through. I love your blog and i notice you dont write as often as you used to and i wanted to say please dont leave your blog behind i love it and it's an inspiration for me cause i'm really into writing and i'd love to start my own blog but am scared. so keep up with your blog as well as your videos (love theeem) . hope you're doing great

    kisses xxxx

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  15. Live Kristine says:


    I watch your vido "my epic room tour" and love it. You are so funny and hilarious. Wher did you get your desk, lamp and chair from?

    ps: love your YouTube channel, watch every vido :)


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  17. I feel you with the whole sick thing! always sick, always!!

    If anyone could please check my blog out, i have close to 15,000 followers and it would mean the world to me if lauren saw it !!



  18. Hey Lauren, 

     My name is Kelly and I am from the Niles area near Chicago, IL. Growing up around the same area as you, I know the struggles you faced of feeling out of place, or bullied, or just not feeling like you fit in. Heck, I am a freshman in college and I still feel that way. I am currently writing a blog and I was thinking of starting a youtube to channel to go along with it. I was wondering if you would want to collab with me next time you were home in a video to do a sit-down kind of talk. 


    I don’t think you’ll even check this email,

    Happy Thursday,



    would be so appreciative if anyone would check out this brand new blog. 

    beauty, fashion, fitness and fooooood!! x x x

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